I have been interested in photography since my teens, spending many happy hours out and about taking pictures, followed by sessions in the darkroom.
With the advent of digital cameras, I could see the exciting potential and have been shooting digitally for over twenty years embracing the continued technical advances offered both in camera and in post processing. 
My photographic journey last year was heavily influenced walking my Labrador on our local common - Banstead Downs, a wonderful area of Chalk Downland which fortunately in the wet weather we have been experiencing drains very quickly! Please check out their website with the link below.
I enjoyed a successful career in the creative and publishing industry, latterly running a specialist creative business and producing most of our photographic output.
I am now retired and enjoying taking pictures for myself with a focus on motorsport, horse racing, landscape and studio photography.​​​​​​​
Please click on the SELECTION tab below to browse a small selection of my photographs and the CONTACT tab if you would like to get in touch.​​​
Thank you for looking.​​​​​​​
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